Angels Gate Open Studios Day
Saturday, April 7, 2018 
12 to 4pm

Open Studios Day is a bi-annual event at Angels Gate Cultural Center celebrating who we are and what we do. Over 50 Studio Artists will open their doors for you to see what they create in their studios. The Artist in Classroom and Community Class programs demonstrate the work that happens onsite and in the community throughout the year. We are also proud to present new exhibits in our galleries. Please join us for art, food, music and fun, where all ages will find something to celebrate.

Studio Artist Open House:
Angels Gate Cultural Center is home year round to one of the largest Studio Artist Programs in the region, with a diverse body of disciplines including ceramics, photography, printmaking, music, writing, and filmmaking. Several artists will demonstrate their craft and many have artwork for sale. This will be an inspiring, once-a-year opportunity for everyone to share.

Ceramics/Painting Demonstrations :
Throughout the day the Ceramics Community Class Teachers and Studio Artists will be offering free demonstrations in our Ceramics Studio. Several Studio Artists will offer a view of their work in progress.

Childrens Art Workshops:
Student art from our Artists in Classroom program art will be shown. Artist-Teachers from the Artists in Classrooms program will be leading workshops for all ages, in which they will create their own unique souvenir from Open Studios Day.

Opening Reception In Our Galleries:
Downstairs in the galleries student art from our Artists in Classroom program from 12 local schools will be shown. In the upstairs galleries Marina del Pedro, curated by artist Tim Maxeiner, includes artwork from students at the Boys & Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor, historical material from the San Pedro Bay Historical Society archives, community submissions, as well as work by artists Angela Romero, Arlo Tinsman-Kongshaug, Beth Elliott, Calimucho, Daniel Porras, Dusty Gatica, Eddie Meeks, Evelyn McDonnell, Francisquito Gerardo González, Hyung Mo Lee, Jerry Burton, June Edmonds, Lowell Nickel, Machine Studio, Raymundo Maldonado, Phoebe Barnum, Wally, Stella Kalinia, and Yoon Jin Kim among others.

Lynn Doran

Lynn Doran, a native Californian, began her life of adventure and creativity in the 1950s, traveling with her parents whose curiosity led them deep into Mexico, pulling a travel-trailer.

Leaving college with a degree in Fine Arts, Lynn immediately started her own company, “Natty,” designing and manufacturing women’s specialized ski accessories, as well as more youthfully contemporary tennis and golf attire.

Success allowed Lynn to leave the world of business and start traveling the world, photographically documenting, selectively collecting artifacts and turning her lifelong-interest into a major motivating factor in her life.

Travel serves Lynn as a stimulant and her creative themes express themselves through ceramic sculpture, printmaking and photography.

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